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Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz and his research team provide Jewish organizations world-wide support for conducting evaluation or research on their educational programs.


ReST specializes in all areas of Jewish education and communal life and in collaboration with the Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education (CJPE), ReST is developing evaluation models that will enable Jewish organizations to nurture Jewish Peoplehood.


Founded in 2004, ReST performs impact studies, program evaluations and offers strategic planning and consulting services in areas touching on Jewish Peoplehood, Jewish community, education and culture, Israeli-Diaspora relations, and Israeli culture and politics.


ReST also provides support for organizations who need assistance with creating and administering on-line surveys, preparing reports and presentations, and conducting data analysis at an affordable price.

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‹TEL (Israel): +972-50-7276763

EMAIL: ezra@researchsuccess.com

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